The Azure portal supports keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly work without moving your hands off the keyboard. In this tip & tricks, we will look at a few of the shortcuts and what they do. Most of the shortcuts work by typing a combination of two or more keys at the same time. For example, G+N means, type G and while holding it down, type N (you don’t need caps-on for this).

Creating a new resource (G+N)

Typing G+N (holding G and pressing the N) will open the new market place blade where you can select the resource you are interested in.

Go to the dashboard (G+D)

From wherever you are, you can go back to the dashboard by typing G+N

Go to all resources (G+A)

To see all the resources you have created, type G+A

Search Resources (G+/)

This shortcut put the cursor in the search bar of the portal from where you can search for your resources.

To know all the available shortcuts, click on the help icon at the top right corner of the portal and Select keyboard shortcut. The list of available shortcuts will be displayed.