A curated list of SharePoint list template id.

Template nameTemplate IDDescription
GenericList100Using a custom list gives you can share information with your team members.
DocumentLibrary101Document library uses to store, organize share uploaded documents with other people.
Survey102Survey list helps to create questions and create graphical summaries in a response.
Links103Links store various resources, collection of web pages.
Announcements104Announcements list have status, recent news so on.
Contacts105Contacts is a list of people’s information.
Events106A calendar of upcoming meetings, deadlines or other events.
Discussion Board108Contains topics discussion with prompt replies.
PictureLibrary109A place to upload and share pictures.
DataSources110Data Source for a site
UserInformation112User Information list contains members, Owner or Visitor information respectively.
WebPartCatalog113Web part gallery is collection of all the web parts placed in your sites.
ListTemplateCatalog114List template gallery
XMLForm115XML Form library manage business usages like reports, orders forms etc. it requires xml editor like InfoPath forms.
MasterPageCatalog116Master page gallery consist of default master pages and other master pages.
WebPageLibrary119Wiki Page Library contains text, images and web parts information.
Custom List in Datasheet View120Easy to add data into columns and create views also display as a spreadsheet.
SolutionCatalog121Solutions gallery stores saved site templates or user may upload new solution into gallery.
ThemeCatalog123Theme which can design the look and feel of your site quickly.
DesignCatalog124Design Catalog
DataConnectionLibrary130Data Connection library for sharing information about external data connections.
Promoted links170Promoted links display a structure of link actions.
Tasks171Place your personal or team task.
Report Library433In Report library you can manage and create web pages to track BI information.
ExternalList600Use to view the data in an external list content type.
AssetLibrary851In this place you can manage audio image like rich media.
IssueTracking1100Track issue of a list items.