Welcome to this series, Making Office 365 Work for you. I intend to present several useful solutions you can implement with Office 365 tools to make it work for you throughout the series. Today’s solution will help any financial institution solve some of the problems associated with ATM monitoring.

As a financial institution operating many ATMs across the country and across continents, how can you use Office 365 to gain insights into external problems affecting your ATMs. I am not talking about internal issues such as ATMs running low on cash, but environmental problems such as vandalism, broken screens and dirty surroundings.

These problems must be monitored continuously, and most banks do it through physical inspections. Added to this, is the amount of paperwork that goes together with this physical inspection. Forms must be filled by hand, then typed up, distributed and stored, increasing the probability of errors.

For today’s making Office 365 work for you, we will leverage PowerApps to create a mobile app that will enable your inspectors to record faults and capture images of ATMs on company mobile phones. The data will be automatically geotagged and saved to SharePoint Online, where it’s will then be routed to the right department using Microsoft Flow. We will create a Power BI–based reports to provide a real-time view of the ATM estate, which will allow you to drill down to individual devices and monitor trends.

Below are mock-ups of the mobile app, Microsoft Flow, Power BI report and SharePoint issue tracking raised for the responsible department (group) below.

ATM Monitoring PowerApp
ATM Monitoring Flow
ATM Monitoring Power BI
ATM Monitoring Issue Tracking

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